Thursday, May 31, 2007

So K's parents arrive this afternoon for their first visit to DC since he moved here in late 2005. The apartment was going through renovations and then I was moving in and there was another roommate to take into account...all things to delay their coming. But the wait has ended! What to do with the parents for several days? Tonight, I get to go (without K) to the Kennedy Center for an NSO Pops concert. This is where my strangeness comes out. I'm excited because Lucie Arnaz is singing. Arnaz is the daughter of Lucille Ball, but that's not why I'm excited (and I do love Lucy!). It's because she was in The Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond. This is why I care. Oh dear.

Not a lot of knitting progress to report. I cast on for Monkey Socks on Saturday on our way to Baltimore to go sailing for the weekend. Didn't get much further because sailing and knitting don't mix all that well...wool and salt water? Not a great combo. I've gotten a few more rows done on Tuscany and am confident it will be finished in time for the first wedding (July 20th). Knock on wood.

I am delighted to say that I've (finally) been invited onto Ravelry...which is every bit as cool as everyone who's already got on has been saying. I just need to sit down with my stash and catalog away...

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