Wednesday, July 19, 2006


As promised, pictures! It may not be much, but here are the projects in progress or projects to come........since I still have no kitchen to unpack
See my empty cabinets?

they were supposed to have doors ages ago.

Still nothing (note the pathetic take-out on the fridge).

So, instead of unpacking the kitchen while Kevin is in Japan (the original plan), I'm getting organized with the knitting.

I'm only inches away from the first sock:

The heel was a challenge, but it's free sailing until the toe. Not bad! I think I might bail on the somewhat drab gray, black and not quite white stripes. Why? Because I found this:

The lack of flash doesn't do justice, but beautiful rainbow yarn! Can't wait to start those socks!
But first, the baby gift. Mackenzie Rose will get a cute little sweater and hat...I hope. Here's the pattern:

(Sorry about the bad lighting again...the better-lit picture was rotated the wrong way and I can't figure this picture thing out yet)

And the yarn....The edges of the sweater will be pink and the rest purple...the hat the opposite. What do you think? Good idea? I think it could work.

Once all that's done, it's back to the blanket (ok. I'm sure I'll get in a row or 10 here or there when I'm feeling the urge to work another inch on the interminableness of a 6 foot blanket)....this is as far as I've gotten........

Check back at Christmas. Maybe the blanket will be done. Mackenzie Rose will probably have outgrown the baby clothes, and I doubt my kitchen will look much different. Oh, how I'd love to be proven wrong!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Stash enhancement

This past weekend I went to see my friend Tovah in Minneapolis. Tovah and I were roommates while we were MA students at Fordham. She has since moved on to the University of Minnesota and I figured I should go see here there since I haven't managed to visit her in the two years that she's been living there. Tovah is a fellow knitter, and so I knew I'd get a bit of work done on my sock. I also needed a little trip to her local yarn shop since I have a friend who's expecting a baby, and, well, needs cute knitted items for the new little arrival! Sucess was all around. An adorable sweater/hat set for Mackenzie Rose Stoebling (due early September), some sweet rainbow yarn for my next sock experiment, and various knitting accessories. I was quite pleased! Pictures to come, of the "first sock", the pattern and yarn for the baby items, as well as a work in progress report of my current projects. ~Let me just note here that the last time I used "work in progress" to refer to anything it struck a note of dread into my heart since it was for an unbearably boring historiographical paper on the Cistercians and their economic practices in the 12th century. How nice that I can now use the term for all my knitting projects without worrying that I have papers to write! (sorry Tovah)