Thursday, March 22, 2007


Just under a month has passed...thought I should check in. It has been a busy almost four weeks, that's for sure, and it's only going to get busier! Spring is springing here in DC, and that means busy travel season for K. (as if travel doesn't happen during non-busy season). But let's review the last month, shall we?

Knitting: the sweater didn't make it. I still have a sleeve to go. I made quite an effort, but as I believe that knitting should be largely a guilt-free hobby, I refuse to get down on myself for not getting it done. Besides, I don't want to be knitting warm cozy sweaters right now--it's 70 degrees outside! I have procured yarn for the "Isabella" pattern from knitty's spring '07 issue. Haven't cast on yet, since there are baby bibs to be finished (just need to add buttons and weave in ends, look for pictures soon) for the expected-any-day-now new arrival to my boss's family, and I'm trying to finish one of the pouches that graces the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts as well. Small projects, but encouraging when they're actually done!!

The apartment: We have new colors! The living room was repainted a few weekends ago in an interesting and decidedly non-living-room-y orange and yellow. It's different (and still yellow!), but I like it. We also have a new a spectacular kelly green. No pictures (I'm -- gasp!--at work, and don't have my camera) yet, but soon, very soon. The work left to be done on the apartment is officially down to the details, and those should be squared away in the next few weeks. What a relief! It will be nice to finally feel settled and relaxed and not agitated because the place is still in flux.

I hope to post pictures soon, but will be gone for the weekend. I'm heading to Rochester (where it's not 70 degrees...shoulda finished that sweater) to visit my mom and reclaim some of my stuff from her attic. It's been a year since I was there, which I think is the longest I've gone without visiting my mom. I've seen her, but not at her place--down here and at family functions. I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a bit and taking a day off work!!

That's the latest for now...