Friday, May 18, 2007

Slog progress

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I've joined the slog-fest over at Mason-Dixon. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who doesn't seem to finish projects! I posted wayyyyyy at the beginning and have been slogging my way towards posting there again. My slog is the Ombre Blanket, first seen here back in July of '06 (the kitchen, by the way, is done and gorgeous). The blanket is the only project I'm still working on...not that I finished the others...but they fell by the wayside due to one thing or another.

Anyway, the blanket hasn't made it that far (my slog post from a month ago is as far as it's gotten), but I've kind of had a reason. I was nearing the end of a stripe and hadn't wound the yarn for the new color. The ball winder and swift were buried in the spare room, I was focusing on finishing the RPM socks (which I finally give away tonight), starting the Tuscany shawl (onto repeat 5!!), and other mundane details of life.

All that changed last night when I had a clean house, no boyfriend at home, and a whole evening free to do as I liked (oh, the luxury!). I worked a bit on Tuscany, did lots of puttering around doing things in the apartment, watched Ugly Betty (sidebar here: I love West Side Story and always cry at the end, but it was particularly well-done here with all the plot lines tying up for the season!) and created these:



wow...just looking at them make me hungry for chocolate cake with yummy fudgy frosting.

14 new lovely cakes of yarn, ready to knit up for the Ombre. Considering it's taken me almost a year to get through the first two colors...I should be good until next May!

In other news, I've got color on my balcony!


I love the $2 orange pillows from IKEA...they match the orange of our living room walls...brings the inside out a bit. And the bright blue table...perfect contrast!


And we are gardening...




and Basil...

big daddy basil:

and baby basil:

I can taste summer already.

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