Friday, May 11, 2007

Scene from San Francisco

A few weeks ago I went to San Francisco to meet K. for the weekend...he was out there for work and I'd never been so we did it up for a few days...Napa Valley, Fishermans Wharf, etc. We went to Alcatraz on a very rainy afternoon:


And while taking the very well-done self guided audio tour, we stopped by this cell:


Did I just see what I think I did?


Fuzzy, but yes...yarn! One of the prisoners' activities, it seems, was knitting and crocheting. Two things I wonder about this: 1) Don't you think the needles were dangerous for prisoners to have? 2) Do you think the pink yarn was an acutal prisoner's choice, or some curator who didn't think to think that pink was,

By the way, Monday was much, much nicer in San's a not-so-dismal shot:


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